A few words from a few of our clients.....

Quotes Restita DeJesus has a very welcoming, comfortable and competent nature. Years of martial arts, including Tai Chi, have obviously given her a deeper understanding of the body?s moods and functioning. The result is an effective Reiki Practioner who has more than simply good intentions, which would allow clients to pull wisdom from. Quotes
Stephanie Z.

Quotes "I didn't know what to expect from my first Reiki session, so I was extremely pleased by my experience - I felt completely safe and comfortable in the hands of Restita, and with her guidance, was led on an amazing journey. I've felt more open, relaxed and clear since my Reiki sessions, and I look forward to the next!" Quotes
Janine L.
Reiki first-timer

Quotes "I saw Restita for my arm...I took a bad fall and it hurt like the dickens. Since its my first time with Reiki, she was helpful in explaining things during the process. After the treatment, I felt more relaxed and balanced, and my arm pain was noticeably less! She did suggest that I see a Doctor about my arm because she felt that the energy at my arm may have signaled something more serious. I went to the doctor the next day, and sure enough, there was a small fracture on the end of my radius, near the elbow! I would definitely recommend Restita to my friends and anyone looking for energy work!" Quotes
Lisa R.